Hans R.
Absolute fire tacos, among the best of the best vegan variants I've had. (Rivals those in Mexico City). They catered a campground of 300 folks in blistering heat, with smiles & good vibes the whole time. The quesadilla w/ huitlacoche can't be missed. "Carnitas" w/ jackfruit: also bomb. The tepache is refreshing & the sprouted black beans deliver.
Christina R.
So happy that there is finally a vegan taco truck in the area! Our favorite item so far is the quesadilla with the homemade salsas. The salsas are sooooo delicious! The owner is super nice and very accommodating. Cannot wait to eat more vegan tacos please come back to Guerneville more often!!!
Atom H.
The truck showed up in Guerneville this weekend and living here we are always looking for something new and exciting. These tacos were the bees knees. The tacos were amazeballs. We loved the "carnitas" ones and the sweet potato were off the chart. They really nailed it. The tortillas were great and the dish even came with a flower.
Mary W.
Absolutely amazing. Super fresh, spot on flavors and good portions! We were able to try all of the tacos and they were all so delicious I couldn't pick a favorite. We also tried the pineapple tepache-- it's a fermented pineaplle drink, super refreshing and kombuchaesque. I will definitely will be back to try the vegan ceviche!
Summer M.
Drove through Guerneville today and spotted this food truck on Main Street. Even with tonight's groceries in tow, I pulled over to check out this vegan taco truck...and it was CRAZY GOOD!!! They found an ultra fan from the first bite!
Michael Fleck
this was the most creative way to having a vegan meal I've ever gone. I'm not vegan or vegetarian and I thought it was amazing. I expected tofu, impossible burger meat and artificial meats to be the "meat substance " but there was none of that. the meat substitute were for example Mushrooms or celery root. I don't even know but the food was seasoned great, tasted better than meat tacos. you have to try this!
Don F.
Saw Taco Sagrado come up on my Instagram feed. This was a nice find too. They need a real website to promote the business On to the food. We tried the Al Pastor tacos, Baja tacos and Gallo Negro. Al Pastor tacos were my fav. Nice flavor and some heat. Baja tacos nice big chunk of sweet potato. Beans and rice dish complemented the tacos. Look forward to dining there again.
Laura S.
We drove by their parked truck everyday on Fulton & Third and had to check them out! The food is absolutely amazing and made to order, Chef Matt even offered to make me a custom avocado taco!! If tacos could have groupies I'd be one.